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rick o'disko believes that artists should be paid for the work they do and the music they create. while streaming services such as spotify, pandora, soundcloud, and apple music are great for consumers, they are truly detrimental to all artists. streaming services put millions and millions of dollars in their own pockets  and in the pockets of large record labels, while providing pennies to artists. remember: without artists, there is no "industry"!


while it may mean losing out on exposure and new listeners, rick o'disko prefers to direct fans to the outlets that provide meaningful support for his work, including bandcamp,  youtube, and now orfium. listen there - for free, even! - and you're still providing financial support through these websites' streaming payments, sync and licensing payments, and royalties. thank you for supporting rick o'disko and other truly independent artists. (and to my beloved artist family: stop giving your work away for free. it hurts us all.)